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Ragnarok Zeny Introduction

 ro zeny Promotion:
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Ragnarok Zeny News

01/06/2012 - Ragnarok Online : Celebrating nine amazing years
Ragnarok Online players have a lot to celebrate in the coming days. The game is headed into its ninth birthday and the dev team has the "Where Old Meets New" celebration to give players something to look forward to. "We're celebrating nine amaz.....
16/05/2012 - Ragnarok Online : Port Malaya Content Expansion Launched
Ragnarok Online players will want to head back into the game to check out the latest content expansion that brings Port Malaya online. Port Malaya brings new adventures for players of level 100+ with new quests, dungeons and monsters. "Port Mal.....
20/04/2012 - Ragnarok Online : iOS Version Launches in the EU
Ragnarok: Violet, a single player version of Ragnarok Online, has officially launched for iOS devices in Europe. According to the dev team, Violet utilizes many of the online systems with new ones added for "more intuitive gameplay". In this br.....
27/03/2012 - Ragnarok Online 3rd Classes Concept Art
Below are some artworks about the 3rd classes in Ragnarok Online. Have fun. If you don't want to be reborn into a novice and start again, the Ragnarok 3rd Job Class is right for you. There are six kinds of 3rd Job Classes to be implemented soon.....
08/10/2011 - Great game full of content
Play "Ragnarok Online" friends must have felt to bring you the infinite wonderland fun! With the game allows players to play every day kind of principle is not heavy, adding a variety of new game play, great game full of content. So that players.....

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