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The Maple Story Online Gaming Community - Is It Safe?

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Maple Story is also a wonderful place to make new friends and socialize. Buddy lists, messenger features, and guilds allow these MMORPG players to create groups that bring them closer together as a team. As many have experienced in the world of multi-player online gaming, the trust and relationships developed inside the game most often carry over into real life. The amount of hard work and dedication required to master Maple Story gives the players a true respect and admiration for each others efforts and impressive skill.

The quality of the Maple Story community is well known to be all ages friendly and constantly monitored by the Nexon staff. Most of the players are always busy trying to strike up deals, trade items, and become the best player they can be. Most days, the chat dialog is full of item traders displaying their special items and sharing game strategies. Adding people from the community to your buddy list is easy and a great way to keep track of your cooperative battle members.

You can be sure that the Maple Story virtual environment is safe for everyone, completely free of cyber stalkers, weirdos, and undesirables. If such a person is found to be harassing the Maple Story community, he or she is quickly reported to the Nexon staff and is subsequently removed from the program. Depending on the extent of trouble caused by such a person, legal action may also be taken. This deterrent method is actually quite successful at keeping the community in good standing. Should you yourself come across any harassing or otherwise offensive behavior, please report it to the Maple Story staff immediately and they will take appropriate action.

Have a great time chatting in the Maple Story community, and here are some screen shots of the game itself:

See the chat box in gold and green? There is also a white input box beneath it so you may can chat with the other players. If you meet someone in the general chat box that would like to take the conversation into a more private setting, you can add them to your buddy list and speak with them in your own private chat box. This is useful for making trades, general chat, as well as keeping track of each other for future gaming nights.

See the stunning detail? This game is filled with beautiful vibrant graphics. The graphics in the forefront are incredibly crisp and well detailed. It's hard to believe, the file sizes in this game are incredibly small when compared to multi-disc role playing games like Sacred and Diablo.

All of these screen shots can give you an idea as to the incredible amount of work required to produce the background art. See how the background graphics are soft and lightly blurred? This is a unique graphical scheme that is used throughout the game.

As you can see, there are a wide range of things you can do. Climbing up and down vines is just one of the many different actions you can perform from within the game. The Shop, Trade, Menu, and Shortcut Keys are easily accessible at any time with a click of the mouse. Player statistics including health and experience points needed to reach the next level are always visible at the bottom of the screen. This is useful for determining the actions needed to develop your character more efficiently.

Look at that incredible stone art work! One of the characters in this picture is a real person playing in multi-player with me! Awesome! The small box in the top left hand corner of the screen always shows you where you are in the map you are in. This makes it easier for you to figure out your next move and how to get there.

Here you can see a visual layout of the controls used in Maple Story. These controls can be changed according to your preference. Feel free to customize them to your playing style There is nothing better than creating a control configuration that makes you a more effective player. Do not underestimate the importance of having a button configuration that works well with you, many games are won and lost because of quickness.

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